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  1. Splitboards for kids?

    The boys' dad will keep tours pretttttttty low key since this is the first year doing any kind of true BC or side country (we bomb around at Hurricane Ridge lift area for most of the season), so it's going to be a big lesson year no matter what LOL Good tips, and I'll check out that link! Thanks!
  2. Splitboards for kids?

    We're also looking for any good resources out there to educate us about split boards (we're BC skiers and just rent a snowboard for the 12 YO for the season from Kitsap Sports) - and don't know much about the snowboarding world ...
  3. Splitboards for kids?

    Thanks! Yep, Boyfriend and I are Avy 1 cert'd and we're getting the 15 YO into a class in January and if we can get a split board kit set up, the 12 YO will take it too...
  4. Splitboards for kids?

    The 12 YO in my life is DYING TO SPLITBOARD (mainly b/c his 15 YO brother is getting a BC ski kit for his birthday this weekend). Their Dad and I are trying to figure out how to do a splitboard kit for a 70# kid - anyone have suggestions or experience with this? Brand names, ideas?