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  1. Pasayten backpack and scrambles July8-13

    I might be too late for that! Message me if you are interest in a trial run, and what days. I'm usually free weekends, but can probably take a few days off.
  2. Pasayten backpack and scrambles July8-13

    Hey! This sound like quite the trip, and I would be interested in going. I'm located in the Skagit Valley so not too far. My current backpacking experience is mostly two to three day trips in the goat rocks, north cascades and volcanoes around central oregon and southern wa, in addition I've done several mountain ultramarathons and some ski touring. Did you want to do a practice trip with interested partners beforehand?
  3. That's a great question! I just moved up to the skagit valley too, and am curious about the community and locations around here. Riverstone has some great people working and climbing there for sure at least!
  4. Hey! Did you ever end up selling these?