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  1. [TR] Chimney Rock - East Face (U-Gap) 08/24/2020

    Hey thats my Dad in the register hahaha
  2. Coleman Seracs

    Has anyone been up to the Seracs at the Coleman Glacier recently? Was wondering what its looking like and when a good time to possibly get a couple swings in on the good o'l ice tool.
  3. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    My first was Sahale, Sister got named after it as well haha.
  4. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    When i was about 9 my dad did deception and had little me sitting at the col waiting haha, loved our camp at the lake. Heres some pics. Me glissading down, me and my brother headed up towards the col and then us at the col. I was 9 he was 11
  5. Alpental Ice?

    Hey guys, I'm new to ice climbing and was just wondering where are the areas that people climb at in Alpental. Anything helps, thanks!