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  1. Hey y'all I'm looking for people to climb with this summer, I'll include a list of objectives bellow that I am interested in. Im 26 and have been mostly trad climbing the past 8 years in the Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming area. I am new to the NW but last season was able to climb Prusik via Stanley Burgner in-a-day, West ridge of Forbidden, Sisyphus, Liberty Bell via Becky Route, as well as Hood and Adams this spring. Message me or leave a comment on this thread if you are interested. My schedule is fairly flexible this summer but I typically will have Sunday Monday Tuesday off. Summer Goals -Illusion wall, Excalibur 5.10+ 10p -Vesper, Ragged Edge 5.7 6p -Mt. Forbidden NW Face 5.8 -Washington Pass, NW Liberty bell 5.9; SW Rib S Early Winters Spire 5.8 -Shuksan, Rainier, Stuart etc.