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  1. Best breakfast for a long day

    Eggs and some kind of protein (sausage or bacon, traditionally) is my personal recommendation, you can do them in breakfast burritos or sandwiches as well to get some carbs (which are good for energy, just be-warn large amounts of carbs tends to lead to weight gain), and if you take the burrito or sandwich route you can easily add peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, or whatever else you want, for variety or just because you like them.
  2. I really enjoy being at a restaurant or bar but while climbing I shop at a fresh food market and cook a lot. Also, I’m an economic person. I can’t find a reason to purchase a product that’s more expensive when I could get something that’s similar in quality that’s cheaper. digital planner
  3. question Next Generation Hard Shells

    I have a jacket with the same Schoeller stretchy material as the Mammut pants and I love it. It's my main winter 'shell' and it's kept me dry in everything but actual rain, very very comfortable too. I haven't taken it to 'super cold temps' but have used it for years and haven't really felt like it's particularly cold/drafty. _____________________________ dated planner
  4. Top 3 Climbing Food Items

    My favorite meal during the day A sandwich or wrap with lots of meats and cheese Honey Stinger Gummies An almond butter and banana sandwich ( 2 slices of toast, sliced bananas and a generous amount of almond butter ). planners
  5. Ptarmigan Traverse Questions?

    I no longer use water filter - for like years - just use two part water purification drops - much lighter and pack way smaller. I also recommend getting device like the BD ATC Guide or the Petzl Reverso. Those devices would allow you to belay off the anchor when doing multi pitch climbs. Hope you enjoy your trip out there
  6. idea Winter/Spring climbing glove discussion

    I have the BD Soloist and love it because on warmer days I simply remove the inner glove with the primaloft isolation and wear the outer glove with my normal, thin liner gloves. Would 100% recommend though- they are amazing, since I have trouble with cold hands, these are great and so adjustable. onplanners
  7. Newbie here.

    Hey there, I am new to the forums. I've always done multi-day backpacking trip and short 1 day climbs of non-technical mountains. Once the COVID-19 situation blows over I'm going to Washington to get some mountaineering I am looking forward to the shared knowledge here.