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  1. Sad day for all involved. PSA Folks: If you're going to attempt ANY route on Hood in October you better be damn sure you know what you're doing. Some fairly experienced climbers have gone up the sunshine route in fall, I don't know any that have wanted to do it again.
  2. Good condition Sony A5100 with the trimmings. To the best of my knowledge everything works as it should and there's no mechanical damage. The zoom lenses focus smoothly and freely, no damage to any of the glass. Feel free to ask questions and I will provide detail shots on request. Not splitting anything out at this time. Glass: 16-50mm OSS. 55-210mm telephoto w/ sunshade. 2.8/20 wide angle Cosmetic damage on the camera body and lenses, but it's 5 years old and primarily used on travel and climbing trips so it's as you'd expect. There's some scratches on the display (see photo) but no damage to the LCD and it's hardly noticeable when the display is on. $600 Shipped to lower 48. Price includes everything shown in photo. UV and polarizing filter, 3 soft/semi-soft cases, 2 batteries and minipod.
  3. Loose blocks trying to kill you include the rap station from the summit. It nearly dislodged on us prepping the first rap... Somehow it's almost scarier when you consider there's bolts on the route.
  4. sold Dynafit Ski Tip Notch Pieces

    Actually yeah I could use those. I got $5 on it, just let me know where to send the funds. Venmo is great
  5. Letter from PMR President about CCSO

    PMR was always under CCSO in some ways. OSSA cards issued by CCSO, dispatched by CCSO for missions in clackamas county. This agreement changes what that relationship looks like and the level of involvement of the SO, but retains PMR's identity and experience.
  6. Death on Mt. Hood

    This article sums it up pretty well. https://www.koin.com/local/clackamas-county/rescue-underway-after-climber-falls-at-9400-feet-on-mt-hood/ I'm assuming he fell while ski traversing below crater rock, heading towards illumination. Took a bad fall on ice causing internal injuries, wasn't discovered until an unknown amount of time later. Experienced climber, experienced skier, in an area that many of us would deem as "safe". Sad day all around.