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  1. Forum has been pretty quiet since last season and I'm curious if anyone has attempted or is planning to attempt the Ptarmigan this year? Any updates on conditions? Curious if it would be doable this year with the trailhead issues. Main question - anybody been up to Downey Creek? According to USFS the road is closed at the trailhead and the trail is closed as well due to the fire last year. Been looking for any updates or reports but haven't seen anything new. Looking at the fire history and weekly satellite layer on Caltopo and it looks like the fire did not burn too extensively over the trail, maybe only the first 1/4 or 1/2 mile, but hard to tell. Also if it's still a hard closure I'd want to follow the rules. Just haven't heard any updates yet. Also, per NPS, Cascade River Rd is closed at the Eldorado trailhead. Anyone been up there recently who can confirm this? Thanks! Nathan