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  1. Top 3 Climbing Food Items

    bodybuilders weightgainer powder - a 1000 calorie serving of hot chocolate, with abundant electrolyte profile -- I've done entire weekend alpine trips on this and nothing else
  2. altitude training?

    Several years back, interest developed in a different model... live high - train low in which people resided at higher elevations but came down to lower elevation to train. The data on this has been mixed with one study out of Utah showing a benefit and another nicely done randomized trial in Europe showing no benefit. The one kicker from the study in Utah is that in order to derive a benefit the athletes had to spend a lot of time living at altitude each day (> 20 hours) and it needed to be done for a while.
  3. Podiatrist or Sports Orthopedic referral?

    Orthopedic insoles are made specifically for a certain person in order to optimize the distribution of load in his body. Starting from the feet and on to all parts of the legs, pelvis and spine. Do you use orthopedic insoles? Where can I buy the good ones and suitable for me? Are there any shops you can recommend? And tell please what is the difference when you wore usual insoles and these ones?