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  1. I'm 51 an,d a High climber, solo mostly, but spent some time at RMI schools and on some rope teams. Solo on Rainier last month after trying for 10 years. Hood, Orizaba, and some other big hills in Central America. Hoping for 2-3 people who want to carry our load and tie-in for a few weeks, snuggle in a tent of funk, and praise my cooking often. Get me contact info and a resume if this sounds what you had in mind. Looking for end of May 2020. Steve
  2. Denali 2020 Looking for partners

    Hey BC - I am also looking for a Denali team to tie-in with. I saw you mentioned you are in Miami?... You may have reached out to me earlier in the year for a Rainier climb, (?) but our dates didn't mesh. I'm in Ohio. I successfully finished Rainier 2 weeks ago on a solo climb up the DC. I'm chomping at the bit now for Denali. I work in schools and have summers off. Previously did a lot of years on Rainier, Hood, Orizaba and some other hills. I don't know that I could meet up prior to a 2020 Denali climb, but possibly a spring break thing. I do train pretty hard for climbs (as a soloist), but I have been unable to find any friends that are up for a Denali challenge. Please let me know your thoughts. Steve