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  1. Ooof, that must have been quite the shwack. My last time up we downclimbed from the summit that way and I had pine needles in my pants for days after. Taking a traverse from the top anchors, there is a dirty but extremely splitter hand crack that would set parties up on the summit in 2-3 pitches. I tried to clean it the best I could, but it's still unpleasant climbing and needs some Index level gardening before becoming a good addition. I am just not sure that there is any good way to that pinnacle up there, which is a huge bummer.
  2. AWESOME! So stoked that people are starting to get on Top Cat. That top dihedral pitch is definitely one of the best. Really interested in hearing which way you went to make the top of the formation! Curt and I found that traversing around the base of the “Top Hat” to the North Saddle wasn’t too bad, but it sounds like you took a more direct route. Hope you had a blast up there!
  3. Hey Curt! We took a trip up to link Snagglepuss and Purdie Shuffle this last week. Had a blast up there! Replaced / cleaned a bit of tat, and generally just had a bunch of fun. Ol’ Snagglepuss up top is pretty gnarly, haha. Thanks for putting in the work! An adventurous little gem for sure.
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