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  1. Dry Tooling At Rocky Butte

    Regarding dry tooling at Rocky Butte. I've noticed more and more climbs are being damaged including my favorites vertical therapy, jack of hearts, stain glass and several others. Have we decided that it's OK to destroy all the routes at Rocky Butte. That would be a sad thing. I ran into to a dry tooler yesterday and he seems to think all climbs are available.
  2. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    Ran into a guy today that had no problem dry tooling any and every rock climb. pretty discouraging.
  3. Drytooling at Rocky Butte

    It sure would be nice if dry tool enthusiasts would stay off existing/established climbs at Rocky Butte. Some great climbs like Vertical therapy, Trivial Pursuit and Jack of Hearts have already been damaged. I get that RB is easy access and not pristine but some of us have been climbing there a long time and really enjoy it. Can't you find your own lines?