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  1. Climbing partners

    I'm from Minnesota flying in Wed and heading to Rainier on Thursday. Lived in the PNW for 10 years and have previous experience climbing Baker and Glacier Peak. Looking for a hook up. Flexible DC or Emmons. July 18th-July21
  2. Also would be willing to do the Emmons glacier route (2 nights). Text me or call 612 385 six six nine eight. I'm 49 and am in great physical condition. Mt. Rainier is no. 1 on my bucket list.
  3. I'm flying into Seattle on Wed the 17th and heading to Rainier on Thursday. I lived in the Pacific NW for 10 years and have previous experience climbing some of the bigger peaks in the Cascades. I am planning to trek to Camp Muir but ideally would like to do the summit with someone.
  4. I'm flying in from Minnesota and heading to Rainier Thursday July 18th. Looking for a partner. I'm flexible to do DC route on Rainier or Emmons. Have previous glacier travel experience and am fit but will need to review crevasse safety (I use prusik self rescue).
  5. Mt Rainier - Standard Route July 19-22

    someone please help me make my DREAMS come true and add me to your rope team on Rainier - will be there 7/18 > 7/21
  6. im looking for a team on Rainier July 19,20,21 from MN in good physical condition with previous glacier climbs (Baker, Glacier Peak)
  7. Rainier July/August 2019

    i'm looking for a safer route. i'm not comfortable doing Liberty Ridge sorry. I would prefer doing the DC route with someone who has lead that climb before.
  8. Rainier July/August 2019

    looking for partner or team for Mt. Rainier Standard Route - July 19,20,21?? From Minnesota. Arriving in SEA on July 17. i am in good physical condition and have previous climbing experience (Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, Liberty Bell)
  9. experienced guy from Minnesota planning to trek to Muir on 7/19 would like to find a team to join for summit push via standard route / DC if possible. i have previously climbed Mt. Baker (twice) via the Coleman / Deming Route and Glacier Peak via Disappointment Peak Route. Have never done Rainier. I lost 100lbs this last year and have been working out continuously for the past year (classes at the gym, long hikes, yoga, nutrition). i always thought i'd never cross Rainier off because of being overweight but now i want to kick some butt! If you have room for one more please let me know! thanks, tommy h