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  1. Climbing - Australia

    I would like to invite you to see the first climbing guidebook in virtual reality for Australia, https://the360guide.com The 360 Guide will allow you to immerse yourself into the climbing areas using 360° interactive panoramas and gigapixel photographs to appreciate the fine details of the areas. The core of the guidebook is on an area that I really enjoy climbing, Nowra, which is located in the South Coast of NSW, Australia, I have also included information from other parts of Australia such as the Blue Mountains, the Grampians and other cool places around the world. I recommend the following places: Cheesedale in Bomaderry The Goldmine and Cassia at Jerrawangala Nobbys at Point Perpendicular Taipan wall in Victoria The Pit in the Blue Mountains El Pati in Spain Flatanger in Norway Access all the tour by visiting my page titled “VR Guidebooks” and either browse our map and select the desired location, or enjoy the gallery and click on the link to visit the area you wish to see. You can also search the climbing areas in our database. Navigating the tours is easy but if you need some assistance there are some instructions on this page: the360guide.com/about Hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,