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  1. Anyone planning to climb Manaslu in 2021? If yes, what logistics company are you using?
  2. JasonG, Sony RX100 III is 24mm at its widest. See attached file. Also, there is no such camera as: Sony RX100 Mk II. There is Sony RX100 II, but don't know why you add "Mk" to model name.
  3. RX100 III is 24mm not 28mm. Are you referring to: canon g7x mark iii or Olympus mark iii I think you are referring (canon g7x mark iii), because Olympus Mark III is a DSL. https://cameradecision.com/compare/Canon-PowerShot-G7-X-Mark-II-vs-Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX100-III
  4. You mean RX100II? Those are $110.00
  5. I forgot to add and this is important. Only RX100III and RX IV is good for low light, because of their F1.8-2.8 https://www.dpreview.com/articles/7237085229/which-sony-rx100-is-right-for-you
  6. Don't get the latest RX100. All you need is RX100 III or RX100 IV RX100V has terrible battery life. RX100VI has 2nd worse battery life. RX100 III and RX IV differ by only RX100 is 1080P and RX100 is 4K video.
  7. Well, another option is a GoPro, but that is more "video" focused and less "photo". For me, I will look into getting a Sony RX100 model. I don't think any of the water, dust proof cameras are good. As I said, I had the Olympus TG6 and it was the worse camera I ever owned. I'm glad Best Buy had a 14 day return policy. Unless others can suggest a good water/dust proof.
  8. I have a Nikon D5500 with 10-24mm lens. Amazing picture, I'll shoot RAW and then editing in Lightroom. But, it's a large camera. Not very heavy, but just large. On one of my expeditions, person had a Sony RX100 III. We did share emails and he was kind to share his pictures from from the trip, again, he used the RX100 III. Amazing. Pictures were great. He told me that pictures in low-light will not be as perfect as with the Nikon D5500, but quality of the RX100 is great. And you can shoot RAW. I have been looking and RX100 III got for $350-$425 on Ebay. I also looked into Olympus TG-6, terrible!!! JPG and RAW, just terrible.
  9. Selling: Eddie Bauer Katabatic 2 Tent. Tent is in original box, never opened. Asking Price: $350.00 Free Shipping via USPS. Payment via PayPal
  10. In regards to Reb Latok, what is the purpose of the two loops inside the tent and one loop on the outside/top of the tent? Thanks
  11. We should connect. I'm also going end of May. I'll message you.
  12. Thanks for reply. And sorry, I was not being clear. Both boots are new. Just want to know how those two boots differ from one another.
  13. Looking to get Mons, I understand that Mons without the "red" stripe are an older model, something no longer produced. Do you feel that both are the same and are there any concerns with getting Mons without the red stripe?
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