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  1. I just finished AAI's Alpinism 1 & 2 and I have about a week left in Washington before I need to leave. I would love to get back into the hills and gain more experience while I'm here. I'm mostly interested in moderate glacier climbs like the Easton on Baker, Sulphide on Shuksan, Eldorado, Sahale, Glacier Peak, etc. Please reach out if you're interested!
  2. Hello, I'll be taking a course in the north cascades (AAI 12 days) in July and I'm hoping stick around for a week or so and get some more climbing in before leaving the PNW. I would be interested in Rainier (probably via Emmons), Adams, Eldorado, Shuksan, and Glacier Peak, among others. I was also planning on doing Avalanche Gulch early July if you would be interested in meeting up for that climb as well.