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  1. Squamish death toll

    Nice random Beowulf toss into the mix @ivan. This was Beowulf after Grendel’s mother kills Aeschere, right? Beowulf speaks of the grief as an “indulgence”, an inappropriate and ineffective way of responding to the death of a comrade. Beowulf reminds Hrothgar with this that vengeance is the real warrior’s response. Some of this line of thought involves the believing that only reputation will perpetuate a warrior’s existence after their death. Beowulf perceives life as a race to glory. To wit: “Let whoever can / win glory before death”. I'm all for grief as an indulgence but not for embracing death for glory's sake. Sorry. Spent all day ruminating alone in the mounatins. Shoudnt be near a keyboard. Ack! Nice reference man
  2. Hadley Peak tomorrow

    Ended up going solo.Started @ 0445 & went car to car in a leisurely 10:54. Boot path is well established all the way from Skyline topout @ 5300' to the step to Chowder and then after as well. Past the gendarme there are 3 or 4 paths through the talus. I took the highest, shot for the first gully and 3rd classed it to the summit. Good day!
  3. SmiMo in the PNW

    I'm new to skimo and was wondering if someone could shoot me some beta on training in the Bham area and races in the PNW, CO, UT (besides the Aspen 4 and Powderkeg) Thanks in advance, Gump
  4. Weekday climbing Aug 26 - 29

    I'm game - Live in Bham, can lead 5.9 sport and clean 5.10 trad. Let's find a project.
  5. Mountaineering Partners 7/20-7/27

    Sorry to butt in - I'm local and am into attempting a Ruth/Icy traverse this season...
  6. Hadley Peak tomorrow

    Looking to tick Hadley Peak tomorrow. Starting from Skyline Divide TH around 7am-ish. Planning on going solo but if anyone is interested in a scramble and some views I'm game for company. Cheers!! Jon Edit: I know Hadley and Bastille are scrambles but Ive wanted to get out there forever. Just finished Ptarmigan past Kiser and looking for something fun while waiting for some more daring alpine adventure.
  7. Bellingham partner

    Looking for the same, basically. Living in Bham/Whatcom for about 15 yrs now. Early 40s w kids - so risk averse - and currently comfortable around IV 5.7+ in the alpine arena. 2019 Summer objectives include, Adams with a ski descent, Fisher chimneys on Shuksan, N ridge of Baker, a traverse of the southern Pickett's and if all goes well some cragging in BC and the East side of WA. Just got back from Ouray and headed to Ghost this weekend. Would love to do some winter ski touring around Bellingham anytime and or ice climbing as well (spring/summer Baker seracs) or WA, CO, WY, BC Feel free to hit me up!