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    Hello!Hoping some more experienced climbers can help me out here. It's time for me to buy my first couple of ropes and I'm wondering what system to go for. My primary use will be alpine climbing but I certainly want to have something for rock as well. Originally I thought a single 9.8 dry rope might be the perfect jack-of-all-trades rope...but after some consideration, I'm weighing whether this approach is going to weight me down on straightforward alpine route and also having me wishing I had something thicker to take longer (or more) falls on the rock side of things.This is causing me to consider pairing the 9.8 with a 8.5-8.8ish 60 meter rope that I could use for glacier travel but also on simple routes where I could double it up and use it like a twin if there was a need for climbing something fairly low grade that I felt pretty confident on. Could I also use this as a tagline for the 9.8 single if I wanted the benefit of a longer rappel or is that too thick of a tagline to be practical? Keep in mind, I'm a fairly new climber and I'm considering simplicity in all of this. Try not to completely roast me if what I've said here is idiotic. So I guess my question is: What kind of quiver should I be looking at for the North Cascades? Am I going to regret this jack-of-all-trades + 8.5-8.8ish rope approach? Is the 9.8 too much of a middle ground to really be a good choice on either side?