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  1. Your favorite non-or-semi-technical long linkups?

    Wow thank you so much for the responses everyone, lots to look into, all of your suggestions seem exactly what I was looking for. I am actually glad to hear you say that most of the peaks are an ordeal compared to most of Colorado. That's part of why I'm leaving. I love the Weminuche, and I love the whole state, but the ease of access and lack of deep, demanding wilderness treks is what has led me to look elsewhere for more endurance challenges. Love me a sufferfest. As for glaciers, once I get back on my feet financially after the move, its a priority to take some courses and find some partners. I wont be messing around on them by myself, the last thing I want to do is underestimate any danger, especially while I'm getting used to new terrain challenges. For now I'll check out those links, and soend my first summer playing on the (apparently ample) glacierless areas. Thank you all for your input.
  2. Hey everyone. New to Washington, coming from Colorado and I am incredibly excited to get out and explore the Cascades. I have just about every guidebook, but I wanted to reach out on here for some specific suggestions. There are a few Colorado projects that I've been obsessing over/have enjoyed (like Nolan's 14 and parts of the LA Freeway route) and I'm looking for similar things in the Cascades. Mostly I'm looking for long endurance days that can be done solo (I am comfortable on class 3 and snow travel, but not on glaciers or anything requiring extra pro or above class 3). I'm mostly interested in fastpacking, multi day, multi summit, mostly off trail adventures. Really, I'm training for a full traverse of Colorado's Sangre de Cristo range (77 peaks over ~103 miles with 53,000 ft of elevation gain and up to class 4 climbing) and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their favorite sufferfest/fastpacking routes or long endurance projects. Bonus for amazing scenery, double bonus if you want to join! Thanks for being willing to share. Cody
  3. Bellingham partner

    Hey man, I'm moving to Bellingham from Colorado in a few weeks and also looking for partners. I'm a mediocre skier and not much of a trad climber so I'm not yet up for something like the Pickets traverse, but part of my motivation for moving to the cascades is to expand my skills and experience. I'm pretty experienced and comfortable with class 3-4, off trail exploring, multi-day or even multi-week backpacking, marathon days and endurance sufferfests, and I'm looking to get out and try everything WA has to offer. If you're doing something that doesn't require ropes, I'd love to connect. Cody