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  1. My go-to ski partner broke his leg at the start of the season, so I'm in the market for new folks to tour with this spring! I'm particularly interested in getting to some bigger one- and two-day tours and alpine objectives as the weather gets better now through May. Some things on my list include: - Shuksan via White Salmon (have done this before, it's super fun) - Glacier Peak - Forbidden and Isolation Traverses - Ruth+Icy - Snowking Mtn Definitely open to other ideas, too. I'm based up in Bellingham, have AIARE I and I'm a former EMT-B. Available mid-week and weekends alike. Shoot me a note if you want to hook up for a trip! -Mike
  2. I'm in Bellingham and would be interested in hitting Baker this weekend, especially if it's on skis (I know the Squak was still skiing yesterday). Was up there a few weeks ago via CD. Wouldn't say I'm a crevasse "expert" but I know what I'm doing and am happy to get in some rescue practice and earn another summit and some turns along the way. Let me know - 7three2 977 three488 Mike
  3. I'm new to the Mt Vernon area and looking for a belay partner to hit the climbing gym 1-2x per week. I'm not a particularly great climber (much more of a triathlete and skier, so my flexibility is shot), but I enjoy getting on the wall for fun and cross-training. If you'd be interested in meeting up for some relatively low-stress climbing sessions, shoot me a pm.
  4. Just moved up to Bellingham from Oregon and would be interested in doing more traverse routes on ski and foot (I've done a handful of backpacking traverses and the Pickets have been on my radar for a while). Not much of a technical rock climber, but some Cascades mountaineering experience and train as a distance triathlete so sufferfests are great.
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