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  1. Glacier Peak Advice

    Thanks everyone. I ended up using the axe for the last 400 feet. For future reference, the summit pyramid could have been scrambled due to ideal late-season conditions, but it was a heck of a lot faster with an axe. Snow was too cooked for crampons.
  2. Glacier Peak Advice

    Thanks and you're probably right. I actually had a friend fly over Glacier yesterday who told me that the snow coverage above 8000 looked fairly full, so it sounds like some technical gear is in good order.
  3. Glacier Peak Advice

    Hey everyone! I am hoping to get a little info on Glacier Peak. I just day tripped Rainier with a buddy last weekend and have volcano fever, with Glacier being my last in WA. Originally planned to ski it, but I'm impatient. I would love to hike it solo via disappointment peak this weekend. It looks like there will be a solid 7 days of sunny weather building up to the weekend with daily highs above freezing, and additionally, it's all south facing. I am wondering if anyone has any experience on the peak this time of year and if it's possible (no guarantees obviously) to ditch the crampons and axe and just scramble it off glacier?