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  1. It’s funny that some tourists never imagine it is possible to ski in Iran because Iran got hot deserts. The fact is that there are 16 ski resorts in Iran. Actually you could ski in Iran since 1969. Dizin ski complex is the largest ski piste not only in Iran but in the Middle East. It accumulates huge amounts of snow due to the fact that it’s faced north and is near the Mount Damavand. Dizin is a heaven for snow lovers due to its altitude and vicinity to the highest volcano of Asia i.e. Mount Damavand. Dizin was the first ski resort that was recognized by the International Ski Federation due to its unique traits such as long routes and ski runs and its length in ski season. You can ski at Dizin from November to May. The surprise is that you just need to get a single ticket at Dizin to be able to use all the 12 pistes and 16 telesieges for the whole day. Moreover, the price of the ticket is cheap. If you are visiting Dizin don’t miss the slope known as Peak. It’s a very long ski run and got deep steeps. While skiing on the Peak slope you will see people who are wearing ski clothes same as Hermann Maier but they don’t know how to ski and are rolling from the Peak to the foot of the mountain. Of course nothing happens to them because of thick layer of snow and medical staff are ever present at the slope. If you are very professional, just try Shemshak piste that is quite near Dizin. There are lots of bumps on the Shemshak ski resort and at the left wing of the piste it becomes very tricky to ski. The weather of Iran resorts is dry compared to their European cousins and this is the reason that alborz off-piste skiing is very popular for tourists. For pictures and reports about previous years Alborz off-piste skiing olease visit our website at: www.AtourAdventure.com If you wanna to rent snowboard or ski equipment it’s also possible but the price is a bit expensive. The quality of the equipment are so so. There are also ski instructors that you can hire one of them. i was looking for a ski instructor at Dizin for my cousin. The instructor was a 2 meters old man over 70 maybe and tied some string around my cousin. He instructed my cousin in such a way that he walked same as pregnant ladies and never ever appeared on ski resorts anymore. But don’t worry, the world of athletes did not miss anything. Of course there are younger and better instructors available. Night skiing is not available at Dizin but you can try Tochal ski resort. That’s another place we will introduce you later. At summer time, Dizin is covered with grass and you can try grass skiing. In 1996, the first international grass ski competition was held at Dizin complex. Once in a while, ski courses and classes are also held at Dizin. On weekends, Dizin is really crowded and if after skiing you decide to go Tehran there is a super heavy traffic jam on the road. Sometimes the traffic jam is so heavy that the car runs out of gas on the road! So I recommend you to go to Dizin during the week and on weekend it’s better to visit Parvaneh Bazzar at Tehran. At Dizin and Shemshak there are hotels you can stay. The best hotel at the region is located at Shemshak and is called Marin Hotel. There is a Gajereh Hotel five minutes from Dizin and from the hotel there is a bus to Dizin. You can have breakfast, snacks and fried chickens at restaurants located at Dizin. On summer you can enjoy playing tennis, paint ball, mountain biking and mountain climbing at Dizin area. If you are going to experience skiing in Dizin please avoid Shemshak-Dizin road because at this read there is a danger of avalanche. It’s better to take Karaj highway. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach Dizin.
  2. This is my blog with daily pictures from the mountains in Middle East. http://nematisweet.blogsky.com/
  3. event Big Wall Climbing Bisotun

    Bisotun The 4th Festival of Big wall Climbing Iran – Kermanshah 20th to 27th October 2018 Bisotunn is a vast and complex 1,200m high limestone wall in western Iran's Zagros Range. It is variously reported as up to eight kilometers in width. Currently there are approximately 100 routes, leaving plenty of space for additions. The rock is outstanding - generally sound, well featured and highly abrasive, the latter almost uncomfortably so. The first International Festival at Bisotun took place in 2010 and was well attended and foreign participants were French (there is a long tradition of climbing here by the Groupe de Haute Montagne), but Australia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland were represented. Foreign participants, often in the company of local climbers, enjoyed excellent climbing in relaxed company. Most Iranian climbers are middle class and well-educated.In the 2010 festival Nineteen year old Sebastien Bouin from France and 25 year old Hassan Javadian (a former Iranian climbing champion) put up a five-pitch bolted line with a crux of 5.14b. Anthony Hall and Julie Heller, an Australian couple on their honeymoon, climbed a new 250m route with Iranians Ehsan Mirtaghi and Shokouh Pariai.Honeymoon was rated 5.11a/b. This year the I.R.Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation intended to hold the 4th Festival of Big Wall Climbing in “BISTOUN” in cooperating with UIAA, FFCAM, GHM and Atour Adventure Group in Kermanshah. Here are the details of the festival: Date No Status Overnight 20th Oct, 2018 Day 1st (Pick you up from airport) Register in Tehran Hotel 21th Oct, 2018 Day 2nd Transfer to Kermanshah, Bisotun area. Opening ceremony op-1-Hotel op-2-Camp 22th Oct, 2018 Day 3rd Climb the Big-Wall + Sport Climbing + Slack Line +paragliding op-1-Hotel op-2-Camp 23th Oct, 2018 Day 4th Climb the Big-Wall + Sport Climbing + Slack Line +paragliding op-1-Hotel op-2-Camp 24th Oct, 2018 Day 5th Climb the Big-Wall + Sport Climbing + Slack Line +paragliding op-1-Hotel op-2-Camp 25th Oct, 2018 Day 6th Climb the Big-Wall + Sport Climbing + Slack Line +paragliding (Closing Ceremony evening time) op-1-Hotel op-2-Camp 26th Oct, 2018 Day 7th Visit the Kermanshah (Climbing for those want to continue climbing), Evening time transfer back to Tehran Hotel 27th Oct, 2018 Day 8th Departure – Transfer back to airport Meals: full board since 20th October 2018 dinner meal to 27th October 2018 Breakfast. Accommodation: 1 - First option: All nights hotels in Tehran and in Bisotun. At Bisotun Hotel LALEH (a superb caravanserai from the 16th century in front of the wall) https://www.google.fr/maps/uv?hl=en&pb=!1s0x3ffa9fced9c0e577:0x688b2a9f211c4507!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!4shttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipPQhZyh8Y9PFMKES-hEKh7Zd0bfyPfWcZNwv4zR%3Dw353-h200-k-no!5shotel+laleh+bisotun+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipPQhZyh8Y9PFMKES-hEKh7Zd0bfyPfWcZNwv4zR&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPg9aRq-XbAhXMbRQKHZMtAt0QoioIjQEwDg 2 – Second option: Hotel at Tehran and Camp in Bisotun. Camp in Bisotun The camping site is located in the forest in front of the centre of the wall to the west and close to the hotel Caravanserai. Maximum comfort is provided, Two mess tents (about fifty people each). Double and individual tents, Sanitary and showers. In this case the mattresses is provided but the participants should have their own Sleeping bag. Transportation: - Airport to Hotel and reverse - Tehran to Bisotun and reverse by VIP bus - Transportation in Bisotun Registration: Please fill the attached form for you and your accompaniers and send it to Mr. Ebrahim Nowtash by ebrahim.nowtash@free.fr and put the Mr. Mahmoud Hashemi by mailto:mahmood.hs@gmail.com in copy. Note: Please don’t forget to send the Passport copies and Personal Photo with your form Registration Deadline: 30th August 2018 Please send your registration form before 30th August 2018 Registration fee: First option : 550 Euros (€) per each climber Second option : 300 Euros (€) per each climber Note : There is professional accompanier possible for 5 days climbing if its needed and the cost is 100 Euros(€). If you are interested to have city sight in Tehran, Isfahan or Shiraz please contact to Mahmoud Hashemi by mailto:mahmood.hs@gmail.com The city sight will organize by https://atouradventure.com Bisotun services included : ⁃ All Transfers ⁃ full board since 20th October 2018 dinner meal to 27th October 2018 Breakfast ⁃ Snacks and lunch box ⁃ Fresh fruits ⁃ Beverages ⁃ Tents in camp site with mattress ⁃ Attendance Certificate Bisotun services Excluded : ⁃ Tips ⁃ Transfers more than festival program ⁃ Accommodation more than festival program ⁃ Culture tours Flights to Tehran From some European capital there are the direct flight to Tehran with : Iran air, Air France, Mahan air (Paris) and Lufthansa, Iran air (Frankfort) Alitalia (Rome) Austrian airline (Vienna) and the other company like Turkish airline, Pegasus ,Aegean airline, Ukraine airline and Qatar airways, Aeroflot, and Emirate have more flights to Tehran,