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  1. purmit.com inoperative

    Jon, Sorry I guess that I had not previously mentioned that SAC inquired specifically and directly about permits listed in the "permits for sale" area for certain dates in addition to posting a more general "permits wanted" posting. No response to either. BN
  2. purmit.com inoperative

    Jon, Thank you. As I said, the dates that SAC inquired about were all listed in the "permits for sale" area. Perhaps the owners neglected to remove them after selling them or? There must be a way to delete posted permits after they are sold, right? BN
  3. purmit.com inoperative

    Greetings Admins, Unfortunately the Purmit.com site does not seem to be working as intended. Santiam Alpine Club has posted several "permits requested" listings for available Mt. St. Helens permits this Fall but has had no replies so far. Are the postings being delivered to Nathan Kidd or not? As you know hikes/climbs need to be planned well in advance. Please let us know whether other climb clubs can rely on Purmit.com to inform of available climb dates or not. Regards, BN bnelson@pacificomm.net or SAC@santiamalpineclub.org