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  1. question Any News RE: Cilogear?

    Yes I had a W/NWD worksack that I sold a few years back that I regret selling - from their social media feeds it looks like they are done making the W/NWD. I saw a post from them where they were talking about 'Spectra Black Quad i believe it was called - some kind of new fabric which I havent heard of from any other companies. I have had my own share of frustration with their customer service as well but you're right in that they make a great product
  2. question Any News RE: Cilogear?

    Hi All, Anyone been in contact with Cilogear lately? Most of their trademark items on their site (IE worksack) seem to be out of stock and have been for a while and their social media accounts seem to have been quiet for the past few months. I have tried contacting many of the retailers that have carried their gear in the past and they all say they don't anymore and haven't heard from Cilo in a while I've heard various reports of the owner having battled a nasty case of pneumonia as well as that they have stopped accepting orders due to government/military orders being due. I tried contacting the shop but received no response. Anyway - hope they are well. Just curious if anyone has heard anything.
  3. sold! FS: Cilogear Woven/Non-Woven Dyneema 30L Worksack

    Pack has Sold
  4. For Sale is a 30L Cilogear worksack in their indestructible Woven/Non-Woven Dyneema fabric. This is an amazing pack that is purpose made for the fast and light alpinist being lightweight and fully strippable including top lid, straps, waist belt and removable bivy pad. These sell for $500 new on Cilogear's website. I am selling this one for $450 Canadian Dollars ($350USD) shipping not included. There is no visible wear but there is some slight discoloration of the white fabric on the bottom of the pack and the top lid from being set on the ground. This pack is the "Normal" size from Cilogear. Link: http://www.cilogear.com/3004.html
  5. for sale McHale S-SARC +2

    Olyclimber PM Sent.
  6. for sale McHale S-SARC +2

    For Sale is a full Spectra/Dyneema McHale S-SARC +2 pack hand crafted by renowned Seattle area pack maker Dan McHale in 2014. Dan created this pack with extra thick double layer Spectra on the bottom for abrasion resistance. This is the Cadillac of load haulers and would be an incredible investment for anybody looking to do longer unsupported trips or more multi-sport style trips requiring lots of gear. This pack comes with Dan's infamous Bypass Harness, "Plug and Go Bayonets" allowing the pack to transform from expedition load hauler to reasonable size daypack within minutes and removable back pad/sit pad. I do not want to sell this pack but I have another smaller pack created by Dan that sees more use and I am hoping to put some money towards other gear purchases. This pack has been used only twice on 2 trips and has no signs of wear. It is made entirely of dyed spectra (a process only Dan has figured out how to achieve). Get it before it's gone. Note: I am located in Canada (BC). This pack was created by Dan to my specifications (34" waist although the belt is adjustable) and comes complete with 2 waist pockets, top lid convertible to summit hip belt, and shoulder pouch pocket.