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  1. I have a never worn, orange "L" mountain Hardware down suit for sale. Message me to discuss pricing. I have lost some weight and am in need of a smaller size (M) My time horizon is the next month at the latest.
  2. for sale North Face Down Jackets

    I've built up a collection of too many down jackets. Both are size large and are in excellent condition. The Yellow note face has a heavy down hood, while the book jacket has a hood it's not the same. Bother are extremely warm, but the yellow is the heavier of the two. Blue $110 Cash Yellow $160 cash I'm in Issaquah and can meet at a mutually agreeable place (Starbucks etc) --
  3. for sale North Face Down Jackets

    I stil have it . I'm not sure of the model name -- I consider one step below an 8K meter or other serious mountain. I'm 196 lbs and 42/40 chest so you would have room for layering. This hood is also down insulated. I love the jacket, just have accumulated too many over the years and mostly need only the 8K meter jacket for what I'm doing. I can't show it tonight (wed), but the best thing is for you to try on if you are interested. I work in DT Seattle & Issaquah for reference points
  4. for sale North Face Down Jackets

    Yes, I still have the jacket. Perfect for Rainier or other climbs/activities when you need extra warmth.