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  1. for sale Free Climbing Maps (Rainier, Baker, Shuksan)

    Printed copies of the Baker backcountry ski/board map are now available as 24" x 32" posters on 90 lb dull book matte paper. The price is $20 + shipping. Purchase online at: https://www.shuksangeomatics.com/BuyNow.html
  2. for sale Free Climbing Maps (Rainier, Baker, Shuksan)

    The Mount Rainer Climbing Routes map has been updated to show the Mount Rainier National Park August 2018 routes for Disappointment Cleaver, Emmons-Winthrop, and Kautz Glacier. Enjoy
  3. for sale Free Climbing Maps (Rainier, Baker, Shuksan)

    Thanks for the GPX file @mthorman. I will add your route to the next edition of the Mt. Baker map.
  4. I am a professional cartographer distributing free climbing maps for non-commercial use for Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, and Mount Shuksan. Also, there is a Mount Baker Backcountry map available for download. These maps are provided as geo-spatial PDFs via Avenza Maps (free for iOS, Android, and Windows). With Avenza you can download the map to your cellular phone and see your location on the map even without cellular coverage. Here is a link to the Avenza download page including more information about the maps: https://www.avenzamaps.com/vendor/2640/shuksan-geomatics If you want a stand-alone digital copy of any of these maps they can be purchased for $4.99 (plus tax) here: http://www.shuksangeomatics.com/examples.html Email me with route corrections or GNSS (GPS) tracks and I will update the maps as necessary.