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  1. St. Helens 3/14 or 2/15

    Looking to do a winter hike up st. helens this weekend and looking for a partner!
  2. Rainier Pardner 2018

    I personally like the sound of Emmons! I think my schedule is probably the least flexible, but i'll just throw it out there that I would have a strong preference for going the last week of June
  3. Rainier Pardner 2018

    I was considering Ingraham Glacier or Dissapointment Cleaver, however, I wouldn't be opposed to trying others like Kautz glacier if I'm going with people that have more experience than me. Nick and Climber81, any preference on routes?, Which ones have you done before?
  4. Rainier Pardner 2018

    mburrn - are you taking that course the weekend before the 4th, or after?, What really brings me to the West Coast is a a friend's wedding in Portland on June 30th, so I would be looking to do rainier either the following week (4th of July week) or the week before
  5. Rainier Pardner 2018

    Hi, My name is Diana, and I'm also looking for rainier climbing partners for next year. I'm based out of the Northeast and was planning to do some training in the White Mountains this winter. As far as other climbing / mountaineering experiences go I recently did guided ascents of Chimborazo and Cayambe (~6000m) this last May (~6000m). I own the same gear (I don't own any rope though) and also consider myself pretty fit. Let me know if you think you'd be interested!