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  1. Hey all, I am looking for a partner to do the Cassin Ridge with this spring. I am an experienced climber, I climb 11's at the crag and 10's in the alpine, WI4, and have lots of experience on the glaciers as well as previous Alaska range experience. For the last 8 months, I have been working 1:1 with a coach from uphillathlete.com to prepare for the Cassin. None of my regular partners are able to take the requisite time off, so I am reaching out to try and find somebody. Shoot me a message if interested and we can talk details!
  2. Winter is only done on the calendar! I am just returning from a trip in the Alaska range, and am super stoked on big snowy, rocky, and icy alpine routes. I am currently unemployed and with only a few exceptions have the rest of April free. So I am free for mid week and longer trip too The routes looking at are: Cauthorn-Wilson, Watusi Rodeo, North Face Big Four, Gerber-Sinks, or anything else along those lines. Hit me up if you want to get out and climb!
  3. We went up there yesterday (3/18). A few inches of snow had fallen the night before, leaving us with some powder plastered onto everything. There was lots of scratching around to find it, but the ice is still there, albeit a little on the thin side. I would strongly recommend either skis or snowshoes. But the approach and descent were a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge pain without any floatation.
  4. I am trying to put together a trip there this spring as well. I am flying to Anchorage March 27th and staying up there for a month. Looking to do Ham and Eggs to warm up on, then try to bump it up from there to Shaken Not Stirred, or one of the other routes. Let's talk if anyone is interested; john.w.sims!@gmail.com, or text:(720) 250-8117. I am based out of Seattle.
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