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  1. Navigation methods and gear

    Hello everyone, Forgive me if there are current threads on this but my search didn't yield anything for me. I am very new to glacier travel. I recently climbed Mt. Baker with someone who knew what they were doing via the Coleman-Deming route. From base camp we weren't able to see much of the route during the day. so my question is: How do people typically navigate on these glacier routes? If you can't see the route before you climb, it is dark, and/or if you get stuck in cloudy or whiteout conditions? Do people usually use just a map, compass, altimeter, GPS, all? In hindsight, I wish I had payed attention a little more. I've read the Freedom of the Hills chapter and there seems to be a lot of different options but I am more interested in how people do it personally and what is most efficient. No matter what, I plan to have a map and compass and know how to use them. Thanks!
  2. Navigation methods and gear

    Thanks for the replies! I will have to start studying some planned climbs. I will also check out Gaia.