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  1. Definatly interested in same goals, PM sent.
  2. I can do March 29th thru 31st. I've wanted to do casaval for awhile. Also would you consider cooper spur up hood? Climbed both a couple times on different routes and looking for something different.
  3. Hello! My name is Paul and I live in madras just 40 min. North of you. I've always had trouble finding climbing partners for the harder more technical climbs. I've done Rainier twice last year plus tons of volcanoes in ca, wa, and oregon over the last five years. Lots of rock and steep snow. Ive done most all my climbs solo. We should meet up somewhere to talk about future plans and climbs. I'm 36 married with two kids, very fit, not annoying...my email is pauletter95@gmail.com
  4. I'm interested too, I've been eyeing Baker for a while. I have lots of big volcanoes under my belt...Rainier twice last year and took a crevasse rescue class. Im an easy going guy, very fit, self sufficient, not high maintenance. Just let me know dates 3-5 days in advance if possible. I can make any day or days work. pauletter95@gmail.com
  5. Thinking about climbing jefferson tommarow, camping high on south ridge tommarow night, then getting eary start sunday to hit traverse before rockfall comes down. Anyone want to join me? I have pickets for pro, you need a tent and probably snow shoes so its not a post hole fest.
  6. Weekend looks super nice, anyone want to go climbing?
  7. Im interested, its hard to find some solid climbing partners even around here. Ill climb whatever you want with you if you climb mt jefferson with me. I have lots of experiance in the mountains, very fit, flexible schedule,climbed:...hoodx2,shastax2,rainier, adams, helens, all sisters, plus much more.
  8. Thinking of doing this route for first time, I have some winter skills and all the gear. Going solo but it's always nice to have some company on a long snow route..thinking of spending first night at UBSL or Iceberg...plan on snowshoeing portal rd. Weather permitting of course. Interested anyone?
  9. Hi climbers! I'm new to this forum; live in Madras Oregon and can't find many climbers to go to the hills with. All my friends think im crazy. Lots of climbers in Bend...Madras, not so much. Anyways I'm mid 30s male..tons of endurance..fast climber,lots of scrambling, lots of 3/4 class experience. Hardest climbs were t.f.j,hood,n.sister,north to south traverse of Adam's. Shasta, theilson, helens in spring...I have climbed many more...Most trips were solo. Self taught on rapel...rappeled from t.f.j. and n.sister....but no experience with belay..I'm trying to bag Jeff and wash. Before winter and don't want to pay for guide and Don't want to die! Wife and kids would be pissed ...plus It would be cool to meet someone to help me advance in mountaineering..if anyone on here wants to help me out I'd be happy and willing to drive to Portland to pick u up and pay for meals and beer afterwards that would be cool. Other interests of mine are: running, and road bikes. My work schedule is very flexible, If you have other mountains in mind message me ill climb anything in my comfort zone. Rainer would be cool too...but I have no crevasse rescue experiance and that's probably a deal breaker for you.
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