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  1. Moving to Yakima

    DPS yeah thats the hope any ways.... It is Pacific Northwest University. It is an Osteopathic medical school so that is probably why its off most people's radar.
  2. Moving to Yakima

    Hi all! I am moving to Yakima to start medical school in a couple of weeks. I am looking for some partners to climb. I don't climb particularly hard but my technical skills are up to snuff. My main goals are in the alpine realm but craging at Tieton sound like a great afternoon. Hit me up and lets climb. I have a rack rope and tools... no screws yet at least.
  3. How late is to late for the DC

    Hey all is the second weekend in September to late? I know it is very dependent on current conditions but I would hate to drive all the way over from Utah to find out that every crevasse has to be end run. Thanks!