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  1. Thanks all. Yes just camping because we want to hang out on the mountain as long as possible, it's why we're flying west after all. ;-) I'll check out accommodations in that town and check out info on those 2 bivy spots. Thanks!!
  2. Hi all, I'm an experienced climber and not looking for advice about mountaineering skills. Just looking for some help on logistics for a fun little trip I'm doing with a buddy next year. We are going to hit mt adams and mt hood next year. We will probably do adams first to acclimatize for a couple days and take our time, enjoying the mountain. We are coming from sea level. Google maps shows timberline lodge as about a 2 hour drive from the adams area. We will be looking for a small town with reasonable and clean motels or lodges we can stay in for 1 night between climbs to get a good night of sleep and a good meal. I'm sure a shower will be needed too. I'm thinking under $100 for the night, so like $50 or less per person. I'd be fine with nice campgrounds too if they have showers. That might be preferred actually since it would be much cheaper. The only other question I have that I'm sure I can answer with more research is the glacier situation on the hogsback route of hood. Other than the berg, what's it like at lower elevations. I've climbed Rainier unguided, so I know crevasse travel and rescue skills. It looks like it follows beside a ski resort for the first couple of hours, so I'm guessing no real danger down low? Wanting to be on mountains as much as possible because it's dope, and to get in a good alpine start to avoid hazards as things soften later in the day, we would want to camp on hood as well. Would we do that just above the ski area but below devils kitchen? Thanks in advance everyone.
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