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  1. Cool, if I get a chance, I'd love to ski that this year. This is the year for it. RG was mellow beyond belief. The first step was non-existent, and the second was only about 7 or 8 feet. The schrund was the crux. We belayed it and just soloed the rest. I think the RG would make a great ski, very tempting.
  2. We just missed you on the summit! We came up the Right Gully at 9:30. How skiable would you say the Sandy is (when it turns to corn)?
  3. Nice work guys! I'm hoping to get up on that this winter; probably start with an easier route though;)
  4. [TR] Mt Hood - Ski Circumnavigation 5/7/2016

    Sweet! I have been wanting to do this.