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  1. I'm looking for a partner for this coming weekend - please message me if interested. If we match up well, I would be interested in continuing to climb together. I'm conscientious, an open communicator, tend to get along with most people, and am an intermediate level climber. Some representative climbs on my resume are Fisher Chimneys on Shuksan, the West Ridge of Forbidden, the Kautz Glacier on Rainier, and the Adams Glacier on Adams. I climb ice to WI3 (leading) and WI4 (following), and rock to 5.8 (trad). I've had professional training, which I keep current by working with a guide every 2-3 years.
  2. I'm taking an extended vacation from work and currently have a wide open schedule. Would love to meet and climb with some new partners! I enjoy everything from cragging to multi-day alpine trips, though my experience is skewed heavily toward the latter. Skills: I am comfortable leading trad to 5.7, following to 5.8-5.9, leading ice to WI3, and following ice to WI4. I'm moderately experienced in alpine environments: have led routes including Fisher Chimneys, the Kautz Glacier, and the Adams Glacier, and have soloed routes including the N. Face of Mt. Maude and the W. Ridge of N. Twin Sister. I've had instruction on general mountaineering, first aid, ice, and rock. Personality: I'm even-keeled, communicate openly, and tend to get along with most people I meet. I take safety seriously, but I don't take myself too seriously. I have a broad range of interests from outdoor activities to music to management. I love getting to know other people. Possible trips: Cragging in Leavenworth, Smith Rock, Squamish. Alpine climbs in the N. Cascades. Other stuff. If you'd be interested in climbing together, please shoot me a PM: would love to connect and get out! Cheers, Sam Seattle, WA