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  1. Getting pretty antsy to have an extended international experience. I'm an experienced bartender (cocktail/wine/beer etc) and have held numerous serving positions. I know that doesn't open a whole lot of financial possibilities for me, but was wondering if there was a country y'all would recommend I'd check out. Bonus points for specific cities. I could learn Spanish as I have somewhat of a base. I speak Polish, but don't really want to live there.
  2. Title says it all. Had a senior moment and left my pink 5.10 Anasazis on the summit of Paisano Pinnacle in the Wine Spires on August 24. Would love them back. Willing to pay shipping + tip for effort/buy beer w/e.
  3. I've got until 3 or so everyday until Saturday this week and am looking for trad partners. I'm interested in doing Orbit on Snowcreek Wall, climbing at the Pearly Gates, or doing Damnation Crack and surrounding routes on Castle. I'm open to other climbing, that's just what's on my to-do list for right now. Shoot me a text if you need a partner as well for any of those times. Sam - 9095570553
  4. Hey all - I'm panning on doing the Enchantment through-hike from Lake Stuart to Snowcreek either Tues/Wed or Wed/Thurs. I'd like to hit the W Ridge of Prussik along the way and would like a partner for that, and also for shuttling between the two canyons. Hit me up if interested. (909) 557 - 0553
  5. Colchuck Peak Sunday

    Broke my right hand so I can't do roped vert climbing. Going to do either the SW Route, N Buttress, or the Colchuck Glacier route up Colchuck Peak in a one day push Sunday and hoping to have a partner. Ice ax, crampons/microspikes and mountaineering experience (mostly the self-arrest part and comfort scrambling class 3-4 unroped) a must I'll be coming from Wenatchee. email me @ samuel.w.cannon@gmail.com
  6. Looking to get out - I'm new to the area (Leavenworth) and hoping to make good use of free time today (14th), the 15th, 16th, or 18th. I'm down to travel within 4 hrs or so. I'm currently leading around 10- trad after a long break and have been warming up on classics in that range at Squamish, Index, Darrington and in Leavenworth. I have a triple rack, double 60s and a 70m. Prefer alpine rock and multi pitch, but psyched on cragging, hiking, and mountaineering, too (no skis, though).