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  1. for sale La Sportiva Batura GTX, $200, size 42.5

    If you ever come up to Squamish, I'd take these off your hands.
  2. question Synthetic Belay Jacket Parka thingamabobber

    Try finding an OR Chaos or Perch belay parka if you really feel like you need the extra layer. They're usually cheap on the resale market, or on sale, and have all of the good features you want (two way zippers, internal waterbottle/glove pockets, helmet compatible hood).
  3. FS: Cilogear and Arc'teryx Packs

    How tall are you? Just wondering about the sizing of the Cilo packs.
  4. Be careful

    Gary Johnson grabbed Everest right by the pussy too.
  5. Winter speculation thread

    It's supposed to be cold in the Canadian Rockies this winter. It has been hitting -5oC already in the valleys which certainly bodes well. There's not a lot of snow and ice yet though.
  6. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    Lots of room on the Jays bandwagon...
  7. FS Outdoor Research Women's Aria Hoody

    Price drop. $150 plus shipping and paypal fees.
  8. Dear WA Climbers Bivying at Squamish

    That would work if you had a Canadian passport and no vehicle.
  9. Brand new with tags. It was a warranty replacement. Size medium, colour is blue (Cornflower). $175 plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  10. Question: Mount Robson/Berg Lake Camping

    I just wouldn't bother with reservations. There are plenty of places to bivi that aren't on the trail, and you always have the option of descending the south face to the hut. The National Park is going to extract a healthy fee for potentially staying in the park and there will be no one checking permits.
  11. Leclerc's Winter

    Outside of Frank Jourdan's epic soloing binge, has anyone had a better few months in the Rockies? Jesus, Marc. Leave some adventure for the rest of us. Also, your writing has improved by leaps and bounds. The Emperor Face write-up was phenomenal.