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  1. My Big Agnes Rattlesnake Mtn Glo 2 tent fell off my pack snowboarding somewhere between the top of the Palmer lift and the lodge. Please let me know if it's found. Thanks
  2. I'm a 28 year old living in Portland. I've climbed, Hood, St Helen's, Baker, and failed at Rainier twice. My experience has mostly just been long snow climbs and indoor rock climbing. I'd love to meet new climbers and advance our skills together. I'm considering climbing Hood this Friday night/Saturday morning if anyone would like to join me. I plan on carrying my snowboard to the top of the Palmer lift, possibly crater rock.
  3. I'm sure I could board down from crater rock with soft snow. I was thinking about leaving it at the Palmer lift just so I don't have to haul snowboard boots up to crater rock. Does anyone have experience snowboarding in Nepal Evo's or would that be a bad idea?
  4. I have a question about snowboarding down. I climbed hood last Saturday morning and realized how much walking down from the Palmer lift sucks. I'm not a great snowboarder but have the ability to board down from the lift but not all the way from crater rock. Is it safe to leave my board and boots at the top of the lift on my way up? I can't imagine someone would steal it.
  5. I am looking at buying new crampons and have decided on the Gricel G12's. My boots are LS Nepal evos. I am wondering which attachment system is best with my boots, the crampomatics or the new matic G12's? I will be primarily climbing cascade volcanos near Portland with minimal ice climbing. Thanks for your help!
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