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  1. I'm interested in doing some more serious climbs this season. So far I've solo climbed Hood, Adams, and Shasta. I'm wanting to do something more technical now, Like Olympus and Rainier. I'd Like to do Adams again this next week Maybe friday and saturday, just to get the legs warmed up! Hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Cascades

    I don't ski, but I'm interested in bagging some peaks! I have solo climbed Hood, Adams, and Shasta. I should get a split bored as I do snowboard
  3. Looking for a partner with early weekdays off

    Hands, looking to do Hood southside this Monday. Might have one other climber from the forum who is interested as well. Conditions look decent!
  4. Climber ready for the weekends

    I'm looking to climb hood on Monday. IT's gonna be clear with two days of relatively good weather following up to it. If anybody wants to give the South route a try I'm game
  5. Question about climbing Mt Hood

    Good thought on proper medication Ivan!!
  6. Question about climbing Mt Hood

    Thanks Jason, but I see nothing wrong with a plan that includes seeking advise from any recourse that I have available to me even if that includes the internet (which is actually a very rich recourse for anybody interested in snow travel).
  7. Question about climbing Mt Hood

    Thanks Diepj! I found the forecast you were looking at. I am seeing at least 6" of possible accumulation on Saturday. I will take your advise on this one. Unless precipitation reduces drastically for saturday I will be looking into new objectives for sunday. thanks!
  8. Question about climbing Mt Hood

    Hello everyone! Me and a buddy have been waiting for a good chance to climb Hood and we were hoping this sunday would pan out well for a summit. Forecast called for mostly clear skies all day but has recently changed to 20% chance of light snow before 10 am and then mostly clear skies after. What do you guys think about climbing hood with a slight chance of light snow? I am wondering if this slight chance of snow will potentially compromise visibility up there to an unreasonable extent. (also a later start might be an option so that we summit around 10am and can possibly get some clear sky with some views) Other than that the snow pack from December storms seems to be consolidating quite well and with a close eye on avalanche forecast I think a summit may be very doable. Any insight on climbing with slight chance of light snow is much appreciated! Any insight on climbing hood in these current conditions right now will also be appreciated as I have not found any recent trip reports after the storms. Thanks!