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  1. Looking for folks that would be interested in tackling some big objectives in the Washington Cascades this Spring! Particularly interested in climbing on Mt. Rainier and the North Ridge on Mt. Baker (I'm pretty stoked on climbing steep ice!), but I'm pretty open to any other suggested climbs as well. I'd be flying over from New Hampshire (so I may need to hitch a ride with folks if they are willing), and hoping to spend a solid week out there. Tentatively the first or second week in June, or possibly a little later. Ive got three seasons of pretty serious ice climbing/leading experience (WI 4-4+) here in New England, including lots of winter alpine climbs. I have also climbed Mt Shasta and Mt Hood out there in previous years, but no real glacier travel experience (looking to learn though!). Spent two summers climbing alpine rock and snow in the mountains of central Idaho and a bit in the Tetons as well, and am comfortable leading 5.8-5.9 and easy mixed terrain. Please give me a shout if interested! Feel free to text me too, 978-503-9191, and hopefully we can throw some plans together. Thanks, Kevin M
  2. Hey, I'm looking for anyone that might be interested in climbing Mt. Shasta the weekend after new years. Considering doing the Casaval Ridge route pending weather conditions, although it sounds like they may be good. I haven't climbed on Shasta before and I'm not too familiar with the mountain/route, but I have done plenty of winter climbing in the Northeast and possess the necessary skills. If interested, definitely give me a shout. My cell number is 978-503-9191. Thanks, Kevin McDermott