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  1. Joe, just sent you a text and a PM. I'll take em!
  2. Hey folks, not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Finding it a little more difficult to connect with other climbers/outdoor enthusiasts up in the PNW than it was in SLC (not missing the saturation though!) My name is Nick and I'm looking to find one or a few likeminded climbers/outdoors enthusiasts to rent a house/place together. I'm a student at Eastern and l have worked in the medical field the past few years, (now just doing coffee though) looking for some other young professionals. Ideally, I think it would be great to find 2-3 other people who want to have a good little house/community situation. I'm open to couples/all genders, though prefer some folks who are stoked about getting outside. Preferably not looking to have any wild parties - though I do enjoy barbecues and get togethers. This is a very loose idea, but I wanted to throw it out there and see if I couldn't find some other folks looking for the same! Shoot me a DM or a text, timeline and area are flexible as well. 509-263-9214 0
  3. Lando and Jon - Thank you! Big Mitch - Thank you! It's definitely taken me a while to process and wrap my head around it. I'm starting to feel more proud of the accomplishment, but a big part of it still doesn't feel real. I suppose that will come with time and reflection. I have a ton of respect for people doing this run unsupported - its a beefy course even with the limited aid opportunities, the mental crux and physical difficulty increases significantly when you remove that! I'm stoked that you're going out for the Infinity Loop - maybe I'll see you out there, and thanks for being part of the sport before it became what it is now! To_The_Top I'd love to hear your hypothesis on the ankle injury! I'm still just guessing here, as I never got it officially looked at aside from sending some photos to a few physician friends - but my best guess is that it was a number of factors that played a role. I didn't get in as much training earlier in the year as I'd have liked, as I was fighting off one injury after another until June. I personally think that the elevation and stress of the beating that I took on the run caused my calf muscles to overwork, and in turn, stress my achilles to the point that it got so enflamed that I lost any range of motion with it, and gained a good amount of pain. I'll follow this theory up with the fact that, A. I am not a doctor, and B. There are a lot of sections on the train that I don't really remember too concisely. It's very possible that I hurt it earlier on somehow and didn't notice until I was way too far down the rabbit hole. What are your thoughts?
  4. Trip: Mt. Rainier National Park - Running the Wonderland Trail Trip Date: 09/08/2018 Trip Report: Hey everyone - I know it isn't climbing, but I recently completed a run of the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier and thought I'd share. I started my run on Saturday, September 8 at 8:45AM and finished just over 29 hours later. An ankle injury around mile 60 slowed me down significantly, and shattering my chance at a sub-24 hour run (before that I was ahead of schedule, but I may have been over-ambitious). Elevation gain was somewhere around 25k and just as much loss. The route I chose started at White River and went counter-clockwise around the mountain. This late in the season, I ended up spending about 10 hours in the dark. Fortunately, I had a couple of friends who met me for resupplies at Mowich Lake, Longmire, Reflection Lake, Box Canyon, waiting for me at the finish. Due to the massive amount of information and photos included in my report, I figured it would be easier to link to my blog post - so I'll put that here: https://nicholasyoungphoto.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/the-wonderland-trail-102-1-miles-around-mt-rainier I've tacked a few photos onto the end of this as well. I'm planning to tackle the Infinity Loop next summer, so I'm hoping to find some other mountain running enthusiasts that may be interested in doing some training/mountain runs/bigger trips together. The community for people that want to get out for this kind of stuff has been, in my experience, decidedly small! Thanks for reading Gear Notes: I ran with a Salomon 12l Running vest - packed with 2 liters of water, trekking poles, an emergency blanket, a light rain jacket, my InReach, and enough food to sustain 200+ calories/hour for each section. I switched shoes between a pair of Salomon XA Elevate's and a pair of Hoka One One Speedgoat 2's. Approach Notes: Definitely the longest approach I've done to date.
  5. Bump - Feathered friends jacket still available, Price drop!
  6. https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/113296038/outdoor-clothing-down-jackets-arcteryx-marmot-or-patagonia-and-more-backcountry- Size Large, Feathered friends hooded helios jacket and more for sale. Located in Spokane, WA
  7. Feel free to shoot me a text or email, easier than communicating here! trifreak13@hotmail.com 509-263-9214
  8. Not in Seattle - however I'm willing to pay shipping and for your time! I'll also be in Leavenworth this weekend. I'd love to take them off your hands!
  9. Not looking to spend a fortune as they're going to be used for rugs - I suppose it will depend on shipping costs as well! Where are you located? Did you have a number in mind? Feel free to text me, may be easier to communicate. 509-263-9214
  10. Just like the title say, looking for your old retired ropes (NOT FOR CLIMBING USE), is willing to pay shipping and for your time, lengths or full ropes! Let me know what you've got!
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