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  1. Boot Fitting

    Does anyone know a good boot fitter (ski boots) that might be able to help puch out the side of a pair of Scarpa AT boots in the Portland area? I have mostly used these boots for short tours and in bounds skiing and really like them. I'm looking into doing some longer tours and climbs and want to use them but they feel way to tight along the base of the little toe for all day wearing.
  2. Hood?

    skinned from parking lot to top of palmer lift. Apart from the wind claiming the bag for my skins it was all good. You have to be careful with where you skin and the surface is fairly dirty but it is possible. It gets a little to icey about half way up the palmer lift and you can make it with careful pole placement but you would really have better luck with crampons. Skiing down is really firm and everyone I saw was coming down the cat track along the palmer lift. The cat track and really fairly fun to ski for about the middle 2/3 before it gets really thin and you have to be careful due to the rocks. Overall, I'd stick to the cat track one the way down, but you can get away skinning up outside the rope line.
  3. Mt Hood

    Hello world! Hey, wondering if anyone has skinned up the south side above the the lift lines recently. Any feedback on what the stability is looking like? I'm looking to get out this weekend and trying to decide if it's worth dragging the skis up with me. Can anyone confirm that it's going to be bullet proof up there with the weahter change?