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  1. Very nice route! Besides the walk up from the Enchantments, it was my second route on Dragontail. Next on the list, about 1980, was Backbone Ridge.
  2. [TR] Chair peak - NE Buttress 10/11/2015

    That route was probably my first climb, back, circa 1974. I had a spiffy new MSR yellow perlon climbing rope, rated at an impressive one fall! Midway into what may have been the first pitch, I pulled off a fair sized rock, not quite of the size of your rockery de construction. But it chopped that new rope almost completely into two pieces. We retreated, to climb another day..... I quit climbing way too long ago, but have been a practising arborist for 40 years now. I visit this forum now and then, but just joined, to reply and describe my similar adventure.