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  1. Hey all! I’ve been climbing/scrambling on and off in WA since 2013 but most of my past partners have moved away. My main interest is photography/videography and I’ve been doing solo treks/scrambles but would love to have people to shoot to give some diversity to my work. You’ll see it’s mostly static landscapes these days (Instagram @natedphoto or natedphoto.com) so I could use some new material to get out of the rut. My favorite things are low-technicality sufferfests with aesthetic compositions so please help me find opportunities to carry my heavy camera gear through insufferable terrain and conditions. Climbing-wise I’m a very competent belayer/follower and am comfortable in any level of commitment/remoteness/length but grade wise I’ve never climbed much harder than 5.10b alpine trad. I’ve got a wilderness first aid cert, have done AAI alpine mountaineering and technical leadership 1, army special operations basic mountaineer course, and have climbed things like Baker, SEWS, Liberty bell, bunch of crags in Leavenworth, ptarmigan traverse and have experience doing very low-grade “exploratory” FA type stuff in Mongolia. I have a small rack and rappel kit I carry for emergencies when I’m solo but I’m not “current” on my trad lead skills. In the past have led multi pitch trad to 5.7/8ish. I come with an active Garmin inreach so you get complimentary emergency service contact as well haha. If anyone is looking for a competent teammate who can produce great photo/video memories of your climbs let me know! I’m planning a solo north pickets traverse June 14-20 so you’re welcome to tag along!