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  1. for sale FS: La Sportiva Spantik 45 - $350

  2. I bought these because I wasn't sure if my the rest of my fleet of boots would be warm enough for my winter trip to Japan, but they were. So tag is still on them, never worn. $350 includes all shipping in the USA and transaction fees etc.
  3. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    I exited the day before you went in, big beaver up to Wiley ridge/Luna area and 100% concur it was basically a breadcrumb trail of bear poop. Had a surprise run in with one of them because I was not making enough noise but fortunately it ran away when I surprised it rather than at me lol. Streams were extremely huge ha. definitely pretty snowy up high and not a lot of easy water
  4. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    Yeah I did the lottery! I’d bet that most of the applications stick to established trails and campsites. I did get exactly what I asked for but I also took advantage of the fact that it’s a very “human” lottery so you can put things like “I’ll take any combination of zones to do a out-and-back traverse that avoids glaciers or 5th class climbing”……and a ranger will actually read that and try to get you something. Just have to get in before the application period closes and reverts to walk-ups only. As far as I could gather this is overnights only; anything car-2-car you can just go for it.
  5. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    That one was shot on the Sigma 14-24 2.8 DG DN; I just got my pre-order of the new Sony 14/1.8 so I am stoked to run it through its paces! I also like the Sony 24/1.4 which sometimes I have on a second body to do night motion time lapse clips while my primary is doing the still sequences for stacking.
  6. I have permits for the XC zones for challenger and Luna June 15-21. Was planning to head up to challenger arm via Wiley/Eiley ridge specifically for photography, in particular astrophotography of the Milky Way over Luna if the weather cooperates; hopefully make my way across Luna cirque to do the same for the southern pickets from Luna Col. I might scramble Luna if I’m feeling strong after hauling all my camera gear around. I haven’t been up there, any knowledge if the log jam bridge survived the winter or other changes/obstacles I should look out for? here’s a random picture of a past outing just to make this more exciting than a bunch of text
  7. Hey all! I’ve been climbing/scrambling on and off in WA since 2013 but most of my past partners have moved away. My main interest is photography/videography and I’ve been doing solo treks/scrambles but would love to have people to shoot to give some diversity to my work. You’ll see it’s mostly static landscapes these days (Instagram @natedphoto or natedphoto.com) so I could use some new material to get out of the rut. My favorite things are low-technicality sufferfests with aesthetic compositions so please help me find opportunities to carry my heavy camera gear through insufferable terrain and conditions. Climbing-wise I’m a very competent belayer/follower and am comfortable in any level of commitment/remoteness/length but grade wise I’ve never climbed much harder than 5.10b alpine trad. I’ve got a wilderness first aid cert, have done AAI alpine mountaineering and technical leadership 1, army special operations basic mountaineer course, and have climbed things like Baker, SEWS, Liberty bell, bunch of crags in Leavenworth, ptarmigan traverse and have experience doing very low-grade “exploratory” FA type stuff in Mongolia. I have a small rack and rappel kit I carry for emergencies when I’m solo but I’m not “current” on my trad lead skills. In the past have led multi pitch trad to 5.7/8ish. I come with an active Garmin inreach so you get complimentary emergency service contact as well haha. If anyone is looking for a competent teammate who can produce great photo/video memories of your climbs let me know! I’m planning a solo north pickets traverse June 14-20 so you’re welcome to tag along!