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  1. Mt. Hood

    Water: You're right I do not have any experience with this mountain because I just moved to oregon about a month ago. So at the very least you're going to want a few feet of snow up there? I have crampons and an ice axe, but do I really need snow shoes? I have been looking for some type of climbing class that I'd be able to attend, but haven't found one yet. I'm just trying to get as much information as I can. Christophbenells: Thanks for all that. Maybe I'll have to do that partial climb to check things out. What about the bergschrund? Will I know once I'm near it?
  2. Mt. Hood

    I am very fit, so I'm not worried about that. All I see online for climbing times is late spring. Is november/december not a good climbing time if weather permits?
  3. Mt. Hood

    Is there a good place to check snow conditions and/or if the avalanche conditions are stable?
  4. Mt. Hood

    Hey all! I just moved to Oregon and am thinking of climbing mt. hood this month. What gear am I going to need and what do I need to know before I go? Any and all replies are appreciated! Thank you!