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  1. WTB Alpine touring ski setup

    I have a pair of Scarpa Maestrale RS's in size 27.0 available for a good price. Message me if you're interested.
  2. Hello, I'm new to the PNW and am looking to get as much alpine climbing/mountaineering experience as I can. I am a new trad leader, an experienced sport climber, and I have taken a glacier travel & crevasse rescue course. I am willing to drive/provide beer/etc. for partners willing to help me with the learning curve of alpine climbing/mountaineering. I am also an experienced backpacker & a WFR, so I'm not new to the outdoors by any means. Just new to technical mountaineering & alpine climbing. I participated in an AAI course that involved ascents of Mt. Baker & Mt. Shuksan. I have also followed a few alpine rock objectives in Washington & N. California. I would like to transition to being a competent leader on ice/snow/rock but I know I have a lot of learning to do. If anyone in Central Oregon (I'm in Bend) is looking for a partner I have a flexible work schedule and want to climb more than anything else, so please reach out. I am interested in cragging, alpine climbing, mountaineering, and winter camping/ski touring. - Miles