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  1. Shuksan North Face advice

    Thanks for the update, unfortunately I can't make it until August. I'll check back in a month and see how things look!
  2. Shuksan North Face advice

    No way, thanks so much for your help! Obviously not your fault that all the routes are out this year - we can only hope for a better winter next year =)
  3. Shuksan North Face advice

    That looks fun! I'll definitely post back if I can make it happen. This may be just the right thing, on a nice peak too
  4. Shuksan North Face advice

    Bummer, next year then! Aside from Shuksan NF, I've been looking at these: South Early Winters Spire – SW couloir Eldorado Peak - E ridge Mt Buckner - NF Mt Stuart - Ice Cliff Glacier What do you think of these for "easier" technical solos?
  5. Shuksan North Face advice

    Thanks for the info - I'll check out the Ruth-Icy traverse! I'm looking to get more experience on snow and ice (AI2 - 3) but with the drought the window is very narrow in CA. My brother works in Portland so when I visit him it's hard to resist a diversion to the Cascades =)
  6. Shuksan North Face advice

    My first post here, but have lurked on the forums and trip reports for beta. This site is a great resource! I would like some advice on a solo trip to the North face of Shuksan in early-mid August. I live in CA and have not climbed much in the Cascades and am unfamiliar with the range's conditions/objective hazards. I have done the U Notch couloir of North Palisade in the Sierra but don't know if the two are comparable in terms of steepness, snow quality, and commitment. I picked August hoping that crevasses will be in open sight, the snow will be consolidated enough to require only crampons and ice ax (though I do have tools), and there will not be exposed ice. Would this be accurate given the past winter/spring in the Cascades? I appreciate any help, including suggestions to scrap this idea altogether and try an easier snow route on another mountain!