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  1. Looking for people to do some back country skiing mostly around the Snoqualmie pass area. I have a fair amount of BC experience however no sanctioned Avi instruction beyond what we were taught at an aai baker climbing course. Beyond that i have a fair amount of Avi knowledge and I know what and when to avoid. Will be taking a course soon. Im at the pass almost every weekend so Dm me and we can make it happen. Mickey
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some folks to do ski touring/ ski mountaineering with on weekends here in the cascades. I have a fair amount of experience mountaineering, ski touring, climbing etc. but my previous partners attentions have shifted to careers and other forms of climbing, and I'm still stuck on skiing. I'm up for almost anything, but I have nothing to prove. I want to enjoy some beautiful scenery while carving some amazing turns with good people. Im thinking of quick excursions to areas like the Stevens back country, alpental back country, St. Helens, Hood, rainier, and even making road trips as far as Wyoming California and British Columbia. Ideas welcome. Email me if you are trying to do some tours! gapback@gmail.com
  3. Rainier July 4th or July 11th weekends

    Hey I have the 3rd through 5th open. I am a capable mountaineering partner and rainier is calling my name. email me if you would like to talk. gapback@gmail.com
  4. Rainier or Baker slog this wed-fri

    I have fri sat and sun off work and would like to do rainier. if this is not doable for you that's fine but wanted to throw that out there in case you are flexible on dates. thanks. am a strong hiker in good fitness with moderate experience and training but extensive outdoor experience and completely self contained as a hiking partner. email me if it could work for you. gapback@gmail.com
  5. Hi, I currently have a lot of free time and have been quickly gaining experience as a mountaineer. I just finished summiting Mt Baker with the American Alpine Institute's four day mountaineering and alpine safety course. I summited Mt Hood a couple months ago with a friend and have scouted the approach to several smaller glaciated peaks. I would like to revisit some of these peaks as well as summit more mtns in the 10-14 thousand foot range. I am open to suggestions and really anything. I would like to do rainier for certain and can do it in the middle of the week to avoid crowds. My email is gapback@gmail.com I'm looking for people to learn with and to learn from. My email is gapback@gmail.com if you have the right experience then let's get together for some coffee/beer/ and a map and make some plans to summit some peaks.
  6. Third/Fourth needed for Kautz July 5-8

    Btw my email is gapback@gmail.com if you decide you would like to follow up with me. Thanks!
  7. Hey there, I summited Baker recently and would be interested in doing it again. If you would like to talk more here is my email gapback@gmail.com
  8. Third/Fourth needed for Kautz July 5-8

    Hey there, I would love to be a part of your trip. My name is Mickey, I've been climbing lead for 4 years as well as worked as a staff member for a rock wall for a couple years. I've been a hardcore cyclist for about six years. I have extensive backpacking and outdoor experience. I am self contained and self sufficient but a team player. I would trust me with my life, haha. I moved to Seattle a year ago after a long and varied outdoor recreation resume and started mountaineering. I've summited Mt Hood on a rope team with one other individual, and a few weeks ago I did the American Alpine Institute's four day course on Mt Baker culminating in a successful summit attempt. In addition, I have scouted several other glaciated peaks without summiting because I was solo. I've been looking for climbing partners and to summit Rainier specifically so this seems like the perfect opportunity. Thanks so much.