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  1. Rainier ascent record attempt

    Good luck, Brett! Your FKT runs have been amazing and we hope that you demolish the Rainier record sometime.
  2. Dear Cascaders, My little boy and I are heading West from Colorado during the first week of July and wanted to get people's thoughts on the Oregon and Washington 2nd and 3rd lap peaks (2nd and 3rd most prominent mountains). It seems like a very unusual winter in the Northwest and past years' trip reports might not be germane to this summer. What should we expect on: Sacajawea Jefferson Adams Baker Any thoughts on the snow and crevasse conditions? Thanks, Doug and Arthur Harris Boulder, CO
  3. Conditions on OR and WA 2nd & 3rd Lappers

    Thanks for the information, water. The wallowas are on my way to Washington as we drive there. We have 9.5 days so I might have to skip Jefferson or do something easier like South Sister. I can't wait for him to be able to drive so I can get some more sleep on these long road trips.
  4. Conditions on OR and WA 2nd & 3rd Lappers

    He's 13 and pretty darn good. He had no problem on Rainier when he was 10 and Columbia, Alberta, last summer.