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  1. New Trip Report Tool - It's Beta

    I'm interested in helping. In Seattle. I may be new around here, but I'm looking to get involved and to meet some climbers. I've got 5 years experience with Django, some Node.js, and a bit of Flask. Modern TR tool and API for mobile app would be great! HTTPS would be nice as well.
  2. Beginning Alpine - Sleeping Bag options

    I'm intending to take the Alpinism 1 class from American Alpine Institute this summer and I'm looking to upgrade my sleeping bag. There are some differences in price, warmth rating, and weight, and of course intended use. I suspect coming out of Aplinism 1 I don't need a $700 -20 winter bag. I'll probably spend the next year or two at least just doing 3-season climbs. Here are a few I am considering. I realize they're all basically the same, give or take a few oz, liters, or dollars... But I do want to make sure that whatever I end up with is adequate for getting started in the alpine. REI Igneo : $240, 19 degree, 1 lb 13 oz, Down, 5.2 liters compressed North Face Blue Kazoo : $223, 15 degree, 2 lb 9 oz, Down, 8.8 liters compressed Marmot Sawtooth : $194, 17 degree, 2 lb 11 oz, Down, 7.9 liters compressed Is this a reasonable set of parameters to be looking at? Do you have any experience with a 3-season? Any recommendations, suggestions, or other considerations?