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  1. Mt. Hood Timberline Cat coordination?

    Hi Dillon, thanks for your response. We are coming off Mount Rainier on the 14th, so we were thinking about mt hood on the 17th, but the 16th could work. The cat cost $500 and can hold about 10 people. We are a group of four. Are you by yourself? I imagine some others may jump on and we can certainly make this work. Anybody else interested? Thanks, Rodney
  2. This may be early to ask this, but we were hoping to go in on a Cat up Mt. Hood early morning one of these dates. Wed, Thurs preferred. Anybody have room for 2-4 in their Cat, not climbing group?
  3. Mt. Hood Timberline Cat coordination?

    Hello, I was hoping to get in a group of climbers that might have room for 2-4 people to share the cost of taking the Cat up during the middle of June. We have some date flexibility, but were thinking the mornings of June 16th-19th would work best. Anybody out there interested in "Cat-pooling"? Does this ever happen? Thank you, Rodney