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  1. [TR] Quick Muir Conditions Report - 11/5/2015

    A little harsh. Stereotype much?
  2. [TR] Quick Muir Conditions Report - 11/5/2015

    A little harsh. Stereotype much?
  3. Climate change (which doesn't exist, right GOP?) claims another great route, perhaps one of the world's best moderate alpine traverses. Get used to it.
  4. Injured climber at Vantage yesterday?

    And laps on don coyote can be a great workout on fun jugs. On a short afternoon/evening, you and a partner can get a workout doing that in an hour or so.
  5. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    actually they do need to be leashed. Totally agree! they do need to be leashed. Did you all know that a couple of weeks ago, a dog went over one of the cliffs and, as of last info, was on the way to the vet to be put down? Also, the dog could have knocked rocks down on climbers below. And there are other safety issues. What if your "friendly" ( they are always friendly) attacks a belayer or destracts one by going for a free lunch or a pee on the rope/gear/pack. The possibilities for bad outcomes are numerous, and with the crowds there, the number of permutations of conflict interactions starts to go exponential. Get a clue--we don't all want to deal with your dog, who prob is a really good guy/gal.
  6. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    Leash em! It's not everyone else's job to deal with your dog's behavior. A couple of years ago at Nevermind Wall, I had a guy's dog piss all over and into my pack. The owner turned out to be a very nice guy who was oh so sorry as he tried to rinse off my pack with his canteen water. Jeez..what makes some people so self-centered, narcissistic, etc, to be unable to see the effects their action (or their dog's) may have on others?
  7. GRIGRI2 versus the original GRIGRI wear

    That's a cynical statement. I think Petzl is a good company that knows that an unsafe product will actually reduce sales and lead to expensive litigation, etc. I also think they have the best interests of climbers in mind, while making a profit. If there are concerns about this product and Petzl hears about it, they will respond and fix the issue, just like they did a couple of years ago when they recalled some of the Grigri 2's.
  8. first ascent

    http://gripped.com/news/slesses-heart-darkness-climbed-last/ That's my boy!
  9. Favorite Quote

    Also: "This fucking fucker's fucking fucked!" Alpinist coming out of the mountains holding up a broken ice axe.
  10. Favorite Quote

    Relationships are a lot harder than climbing. You can't just slam a bolt in their forehead and bail. Dave Nettles